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Clive the Poodle Faker at the Tate Modern

December 18, 2017


poodle_warhol_card28_11bThere was Clive standing by the Andy Warhol, I heard him before I saw him. The Warhol Marilyn diptych: a work of art that is two equal sized large panels – one in colour and one in black and white, depicting multiples of Monroe’s head.

Clive’s hands were splayed outwards, he was telling a late middle aged woman in red shoes proffering an iPad: Madam I have no wish to handle your equipment

He nodded an acknowledgement toward me and then went into the familiar monologue appertaining to fabulous esoterica. You are aware of the difference between analogue and digital, the pixelated and the painterly? Clive never waits for an answer. I simply adore Warhol, I can tell which way the painting should be hung.

When asked about his art Warhol said ‘Just look at the surface and there I am’. This was not entirely true. Warhol recognized you always have to keep something back – that’s life and nothing is what it appears to be…except in moments of tragedy and magic.


Gerry King 2017

Artwork: Louise Burston

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