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Moving On…

January 4, 2017

The brown pressed cardboard vinyl covered suitcase with its blistering chrome flip locks sit’s on a Roger Dean fantasyscape print.

The imagery of the print accurately fixing the 1970s and the music of Yes and Osibisa, cheesecloth dresses, joss sticks, acid casualties and Victorian asylums gravitating toward 2.5 twin and earth fire regulations.

The 1940s oak utility extending table – its leaves of hospitality sadly neglected, the breaking of bread and splashing of wine long gone like a Train Robbers fortune.

A dusty chair – functional and no doubt comfortable – made sad by the absence of regular arse polishing.

This scene of suspended departure almost mirroring the sort of memories, and sometimes odors, that fleetingly pass as you get older… and don’t you wonder if it is a precursor to the end game? Due to the clarity – old stuff coming back in its original packaging so to speak – the detail of the dying.


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