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December 27, 2016

Teddy read that people who shave, wax, or trim their pubic hair are at higher risk of sexually transmitted infections but less likely to get lice. Between the devil and the deep blue sea it appears or maybe a vow of silence with occasional chanting and gentle masturbation. The ergonomic Home & Haus kneeling chairs are just a dream for the digital onanist.

Teddy always had reservations around his own defoliation due to police and institutional interactions. The alcoholic croaker in the Portland Borstal infirmary after telling the boy to cough, cupping his balls – announcing: “looks like we’ve got some livestock down here!” Later paint of magenta staining the HMP black Crown stamped white knee hanging pants. Crabs from a filthy police blanket in a glass brick lit, white tiled cell. The magnificent British tradition of body shamed sexual repression very much alive and present.

Bland as an accountants grey bodied, black leather seated, column change, Morris Oxford with bad chrome.


Hotels keep creeping into Teddy’s posts… He recently read a book by Gay Talese, an American writer who is acknowledged as introducing a more storytelling element to journalism. The book is called ‘The Voyeur’s Motel’. It recounts the story of a 1960s motel owner who built a viewing platform running the length of the motel over a number of rooms. The owner would lie down on the thick-carpeted floor and watch and record the occupants through specially fabricated vents. You need to read it yourself for the pubic coiffures, TV viewing and murder.


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