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The Stealerant on Resonance FM

May 4, 2016

The Stealerant is a 25 minute musically atmospheric journey through the life of a 1980s waster. The Stealerant is a collaboration between Gerry King and composer, Adam Black Stewart. As well as composing the music Adam narrates the tale. The story takes place in locations such as the Queen of the English Riviera – Torquay, the M4 and London with a bit of M25. This a tale of death, drugs and theft. King and Black Stewart have previously worked together on a performance entitled Lubin Tales – this was premiered at the Arnolfini, Bristol.
The music sympathetically compliments the narrative creating a fabulous atmospheric audio landscape. This piece has been a two year collaboration and we are now plotting to 
perform it with our fellow Dartington collaborator Patrick Wray.

Adam Black Stewart is prolific, yet spookily a social media phobic.  
Do check out Adam’s music link
Below John Rogers author of This Other London and Gerry King in the studio

John very kindly came into the studios with me as I really don’t have the posture for radio.

Prior to the Stealerant story being played in its full glory of 25 minutes 40 seconds, John and I discussed the backstory – the characters, locations, where the inspiration came from and all those bits that lead to totally irrelevant but highly amusing  anecdotes bursting forth and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

You need to listen to the Stealerant – I say it myself it is a revelation and your life will be better for it.

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