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The Heat is on for Smoke and Other Tales.

July 5, 2015

Big business and small publishers…

Motored to Pontypool from Burry Port – the faithful diesel Saab started blowing black smoke – classic Exchange Gas Regulator behaviour and possible consequence of no major service in the last 3 years. Being superstitious I thought this a portent to publishing palavers. The smoke abated when the engine management light came on shutting the turbo down and still running efficiently but without the poke – these are engines you can get attached to.

Louise and I arrived at the printers and at the reception desk we were furnished with official looking passes and taken to a meeting room where a lunch spread had been laid on. I can’t help always looking for the angle.

Alun then took us down to the factory floor to see the cover on the press and sign it off. The blocks have not yet been put together for the hardback cover boards but this will be the next stage in the production of the cover, before the matt lamination. I ask where the text pages of the book are and we are assured they will be printed over the weekend of 11-12th July.

I suspect the brutal truth is because we are such a small operation we have been put to the bottom of the pile. Now push has come to shove we have been given the 24th July as the delivery date of the finished product. Anything before that is gravy.

3wp 5wp 6wp 7wp

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