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Hard Copy, Hard Lessons

June 6, 2015

The hard copy proof – back from the printers – of Smoke and Other Tales is now being heavily scrutinised by Louise and I might get a look in if I am nice…

There was an embarrassing omission of a major player in the Zero Lubin universe. I had handed him the hard copy to glance over and thanks to his magnificent self-obsession he immediately scoped the ‘list of contributors’ section and noticed he was absent. I had just started a course of strong antibiotics and recognising my frailty he subtly tormented me, while his girlfriend pleasantly reminded me at every opportunity what a good friend he is. For a moment the shame and guilt came flooding back to an instance in the mid-sixties with my late mother and father in the school uniform department of Arding & Hobbs, Clapham Junction.

I am plotting the next book and it will be a novel. The reading list includes George Perec ‘Life a User Guide’ & Tibor Fischer ‘The Collector Collector’. Have been distracted this past couple of days by ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King bought for thirty bob (£1.50) in a Llanelli, Red Cross charity shop last week. h2 h2a h3

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