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Design & Lay Out

April 23, 2015

Have taken a few days away from the very familiar Kickstarter page – swanned about the West End, especially Soho, soaking up what is left of it. Walkers Court near Madam JoJo’s and Raymonds Review Bar (Berwick Street) is possibly the last bastion of non contrived seediness. Here the doormen of clip joints exude that good old threatening presence and the guys running the Sex shops actually look suited to their occupation. Everything is as it should be.

I feel no pity for foolish, drunken tourists who are fleeced in some of the saucier spots of Soho (or have been) it is part of the experience – worldwide – the negotiation of these areas while seeking the heart of the beast. In the late 1970s I would go to the club L’Apache on Albermarle Street, a clip joint run by a pal of my dad’s, I wasn’t a punter therefore I was privileged to how things operated – up to a point. The scalped can always cherish the memory of being fiscally violated and embellish the tale at each sitting – memories are made of this…

I popped into Foyles the most fabulous bookshop in the English speaking world! Yeah I am a little biased as they stock three of our books: Lubin Tales, Torquay Tornado and a limited edition of a concertina book entitled the Car Cleaner ten copies of which I delivered yesterday.

Ah before I forget Smoke and Other Tales is being put together, as I write, in a beautiful little village in South Wales. On a desktop with a view over the harbour where the American aviatrix Amelia Earhart landed in 1928 – the proofs are being checked and images sized. I didn’t go on about the original images strategically placed throughout Smoke and Other Tales as I thought it would be waffle. I am sure you will agree; they compliment the text superbly.


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