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Half Way To Paradise 50%

April 7, 2015

To every single one of you wonderfully generous individuals with a highly developed sense of culture – I thank you from the bottom of my fluttering heart.

We are over half way to realising the publication of the magnificent Smoke and Other Tales. I will be putting the pedal to the metal – no poncy shagpile in this motor – we are going to drive this one through on a solid block, with a rigid chassis and steel bumpers.

Dom Lane, Mark Deathowl, Sean Buzby, Kim Woods, Bill Jackson, Paula Cannings, Damien Moran, Richard There, Xavier Keeling, Harry Harris, Sally Watkins, Suzy Prince, John Seaman, Peter Trembath, Matthew Seaman, Stephen Pope, Tim Staples, Pauline Newton, Tim Elliot, Patrick Wray, Gavin Watkins, Dr. Michael Gross, Kelly Loughlin, Lawrence Causee-Parsley, Lubin Bisson, Paul Welling, Glenn Carmichael, Christopher Sime, Stuart Chapman, Edward Fairleigh, Anthony Parkinson, Alison Scoynes, Lee Sykes, Howard Waddicor, Nick Foudoukis, Atila Mustafa, Josphine Bingham, Vivien Bittermann, Kevin Foot, Gemma Blencowe, Stewart Wolfe, Gregory Rose, Stuart Crewes, Adam Black Stewart, Tim Bouquet & Sarah Mansell, Nancy McKenzie

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