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Two La Reine Restocrat barbers chairs with warm red leatherette upholstery.

August 22, 2013

Paul Continental Hairdresser

These are being offered as a pair. I will not split them up as they have been together for many years and I remember having my hair cut in them as a child. Paul the Continental Hairdresser’s original shop was located on the Terrace in Torquay, Devon. His barbershop was a short walk from the Pavilion – a well-known theatre venue during the 1970s – and many of the stars availed themselves of Paul’s services. Sid James was a notable regular. I have the photographic documentation of the removal of these chairs from Paul the Continental Hairdressers final shop in Torquay when he retired in July 2009.

The acclaimed book, Lubin Tales features a story based on Paul the Continental Hairdresser and prominent on the cover is one of the luscious La Reines.

These chairs are very collectable examples dating from the early 60s. One chair has an ashtray in the armrest. This particular chair would require some upholstery attention. Possessing an extended footplate and the hydraulic pump lift and tilting mechanism is in perfect working order.

The second chair while not possessing an extended footplate is in cosmetically better condition. Again the hydraulics and tilting mechanism is in perfect working order. The hydraulic pump bars on both chairs are undamaged and original.

There is slight rusting discolouration on a small strip of chrome near the footplate on chair one. The chrome and stainless steel fittings are overall in good condition and this applies to the lips of the bases and frame of chairs. The seat pads on both chairs are removable. Both chairs come with headrests. The packing needs refurbishing in one headrest. There is also one matching child’s booster seat.

The bases are very heavy – ideally it will need 2 people to lift so collection must be arranged.

La Reines

The pair of La Reine Restocrats have found a new and fitting home within the bespoke designed ‘Truffle’, 27 Cinque Ports Street, Rye, East Sussex.

Previously the La Reine Restocrats had salubriously resided at an exclusive address in Bristol.

Originally the chairs had been owned by Paul the Continental Hairdresser, who bought them new for his two hairdressing shops in Torquay that he ran for in excess of forty years.
The first shop was at number 10 The Terrace, but due to diabolical rent increases, he then relocated to 11 Victoria Road, Torquay, overlooking the bowling green of Ellacombe Park. Paul was to retire from this address and it was from here I originally bought the two Le Reine Restocrat barber chairs.

Numerology is the study of numbers as supposed to predict future events or influence people.

Photograph Stuart Taylor

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