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May it Pass Quickly

December 8, 2012

May it Pass Quickly
Text on back of card

Bad Penny was floaty in scarves that doubled as tourniquets, turning up like a Poundshop Stevie Nicks all festive and restless with sausagey fingers from shooting in her hands. She would bring along an older boyfriend called Smarty, his bottle thick round glasses and corkscrew hair barely disguising this casualty of the 1960’s, who remembered the golden days of NHS dry amps collected from the midnight Boots on Piccadilly.

Bad Penny’s mother was the resident matron of a local authority nursing home, with a strong work ethic and the alcoholic disposition of an ex-army wife, who remembered the OMO washing powder boxes on windowsills indicating Old Man Out. Bad Penny was home for the Brompton cocktail rather than the turkey and tinsel. Like a military campaign, manoeuvres would be put in place to liberate the keys of the DDA cabinet, thus enabling an unrushed selection of an alternative Quality Street. Resident consequences were not a consideration. The Christmas Eve party provided the distraction as the staff all hailed the matron.

Christmas Day 1975 will be spent under the same roof yet different influences. The nodding narcotised and the alcoholic dramatics crashing on Boxing Day with the recognition that all is not well.

May It Pass Quickly

The Spectacular Zero Lubin festive missive truly reflecting our time & celebrating the pain.
These cards are 30/- each (£1.50) or 4 for a fiver.
A5 large format 350 gm card with envelopes + pp depending on amount.

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