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123 Bethnal Green Road Shop and Gallery, London

November 10, 2011

Zero Lubin’s
Limited Edition Framed Handkerchiefs

Now for sale at 123 Bethnal Green

123 Bethnal Green Road is a concept store and Gallery spread across 4 floors of a beautifully restored Grade II Listed building in East London. Showcasing the best of British Fashion, Art, Food & Lifestyle products they specialise in the unconventional & the undiscovered and are now displaying Zero Lubin’s Limited Edition Framed Handkerchiefs.
Zero Lubin are passionate about hankies and have built up an extensive collection. Each and every hankie is a one-off, a small glimpse of history contained in a beautiful textile. The handkerchiefs are window mounted in bespoke frames, designed to resemble 1950s utility furniture.


Trafalgar Square

London Montage

With their distinctive style, Zero Lubin re-present vintage handkerchiefs as unique artworks by embroidering them with poignant messages, inspired by memories of place, cultural events, significant historical characters and popular cinematic references.


Old Sport


Lubin Tales by Gerry King is available at 123 Bethnal Green Road

Buy Lubin Tales
More about Zero Lubin Handkerchiefs
Visit 123 Bethnal Green Road Tumblr

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