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October 15, 2009

A 64-page hardback, pocket-sized collection of beautifully illustrated short stories and musings by artist and performer Gerry King


Surreal, playful and romantic the stories are woven together from various locations and time frames. A host of characters tease and entertain; the fabulous Pauls, one a continental hairdresser, the other a 1950s welterweight boxer, plus the promenade-prancing Poodle Faker and the deliciously deviant Stealerant.
Written in the unique prose of his alter-ego, Doctor Zero Lubin (eminent cyber-flâneur and trained observer of the spectacle), King guilefully toys with his audience, blurring fact and fiction, past and present, pathos and humour. Surreal, playful and romantic, the stories are woven together from various locations and time frames; an abandoned 1947 V-12 Lincoln automobile waits for a history in a French wood, British seaside resorts are portrayed with renewed love and nostalgia.
Each page is a visual delight, colour throughout with graphic illustration and photography. Settle down in the plush red upholstery of the La Reine Restocrat barber’s chair and prepare to be indulged and entertained.
Retail Price: £10.00 ISBN: 978-0-9563077-0-5
Binding: Hardback Illustrations: Colour and B&W
64 pages, 162mm x 114mm (portrait)
Publication date: 14th September 2009
Published by Lubin Publishing
Distributed by Central Books
Available online:
Collector’s slipcase edition, signed and numbered:
£30.00 (retail price)
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